Host a party!

Get the gang together & let's party!

Free Products & cash?

Host a Ruby Moon Boston at your next get-together!

You will earn 5% of all sales for the purchase of any Ruby Moon products.

*Sales $650-$950 will get you a $100 bonus towards products.

Sales $951-$1200  will get you an ADDITIONAL $100 in products.

Once $1200 in sales is reached, you will earn $25 in CASH then another $25 CASH for each additional $250 in sales over the $1200.

For example: $1450 in total sales for your party.

Sales of $1200 = $200 in products

5% of $1450 in total sales = $72.50 in products

$25 cash for reaching $1200 in sales.

$25 cash for additional $250 in sales

It all adds up to $272.50 in product, plus $50 in cash for a total sale of $1450

The more sold at your party the more you earn!

 Your sales total, includes both the products sold on hand as well as any that have to be ordered & shipped out. Your party will remain "opened" for an additional 7 days to collect more sales to add to your total.

 *To qualify for the host offer, parties must have a minimum of $250 in guest sales. Instock items cannot be held for you prior to your party. Any sold out items, will be ordered for you & shipped free of charge.